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Event Entry Ticket Scanner Rental

Together, Eventbrite and IT Xchange offer you all the scanning hardware and software you require to successfully organise your own event.

The dependable TC56 handheld scanner is water-resistant with a ruggedized case and hand strap, making it perfect for access control at events.

  • Built in professional barcode scanner
  • Ideal for scanning tickets from phone screens and printed tickets even in low light
  • Replaceable 8-hour battery (spare provided with each unit) 
  • Connect to internet with Wifi or use the nano SIM slot for 4G connection
  • Ruggedized exoskeleton case with hand strap and quick swap battery access. 

Scanner kits

Use the Eventbrite app for event organisers with approved scanner hardware to check attendees in at your event. 

2-Pack Zebra TC-56 Includes

  • 2 x Zebra TC-56 Touch Computers (mounted in exoskeleton case)
  • 2 x Spare Batteries for TC-56
  • 2 x Charging Docks for TC-56

£120 / €170 per week (excludes local tax)

Delivery & return costs additional. (Priced on request)


4-Pack Zebra TC-56 Includes

  • 4 x Zebra TC-56 Touch Computers (mounted in exoskeleton case)
  • 4 x Spare Batteries for TC-56
  • 1 x 4-Slot Battery Charging Cradle

£200 / €340 per week (excludes local taxes)

Delivery & return costs additional. (Priced on request)


12-Pack Zebra TC-56 Includes

  • 12 x Zebra TC-56 Touch Computers (mounted in exoskeleton case)
  • 12 x Spare Batteries for TC-56
  • 3 x 4-Slot Battery Charging Cradle
  • Ships in Single Pelican Hard Case

£500 / €700 per week (excludes local tax)

Delivery & return costs additional. (Priced on request)


Check availability for your event and request a quote

Setup Info

All scanners are supplied with pre-installed software to ensure setup is quick and easy.

  • Switch on device
  • Swipe down from top of screen
  • Choose Wi-Fi Access point and enter password.
  • Run pre-installed Internet Speed Test to confirm connection.
  • Open Eventbrite Organiser App & Sign In to your account
  • You’re ready to go!

Help with setting up Eventbrite hardware scanners:  


Ordering & Return Information

You will receive a prepaid return label – simply attach to the package and call UPS to collect or drop at a local drop-off point.


Are Scanners better than Phones for Eventbrite?

Zebra TC-56 touch computers use a laser scanner rather than the inbuilt camera.  Laser scanners can read barcodes quicker and in a wider range of lighting situations ensuring your guests aren’t waiting in lengthy queues.

How do we connect devices to the Eventbrite App without WiFi?

Most mobile phones can connect to mobile internet and provide a wireless hotspot which the TC-56 device can connect to. 

Our event staff aren’t technically minded; how long will it take to teach them to use the device?

Devices have kiosk software installed. Once the device is connected to wireless, there are only 2 applications which can be opened; a speedtest app and the Eventbrite Organiser App.  If your staff know how to use the Eventbrite app, no training will be required.

How Many Scanners Do I Need for my Event?

Our sales team is experienced in providing hardware rentals for a variety of event types. Get in touch to discuss the specifics of your event.