About Us

Since 2001, IT Xchange has been helping organisations reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) for computer technology. Choosing hardware for business is a delicate balancing act between finding the technology solutions that suit the needs of an organization and getting those products at a price that maximizes its budget.


IT Xchange is an industry leader when it comes to offering new and recertified computer technology that help our clients and their customers get the most from their investments.

By working with leading manufacturers, leasing companies, distributors and others, we obtain brand-name computer systems, parts and options from the Circular IT market.

These include new, recently discontinued, approved refurbished and off-lease products. We help our customers find the appropriate technology for their business needs and extend the life of their devices, thereby reducing an organization’s total cost of ownership for technology.


Finding Appropriate Technology 

The rate of technology advances often out paces the performance needs of businesses. Companies that don’t need the latest and greatest with the premium price tag can find the appropriate technology for their needs in the Circular IT market. At IT Xchange, we offer a wide array of refurbished and recertified hardware that has been brought back up to factory standards and is designed to continue serving businesses for many years. Clients can also choose from discontinued products that manufacturers have recently replaced with new models. New surplus,discontinued and Approved Refurbished hardware solutions are available at a fraction of the cost of brand new products, and they allow IT professionals to maximise their budget. 


Maintaining Technology to Protect Your Investment 

Maintaining infrastructure hardware standards can be difficult when Systems manufacturers frequentlyoperate on a 6-9 month product lifecycle. When you consider the significant costs associated with a technology deployment, any extension in the lifecycle of your install base can have a substantial, positive, bottom-line and environmental effect. IT Xchange offers platform maintenance solutions to help extend the lifespan of our clients’ (and their customers’) technology purchases by allowing them the option to buy replacement parts and new systems–even when products have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We partner with manufacturers to source constrained technology so that customers can maintain their systems and protect their investments.